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Ruffeo Hearts Lil Snotty

OMG I heart it too Ruffeo! Ive just been introduced to this Brooklyn, Williams burg based bangin Designer. All one-of-a-kind, handmade pieces, check out his fly

Span Decks Bodysuit 3009 (yes 3009)$150
Body also available in black,neon pink, neon orange, dark brown, royal blue, & flesh tone & full arms
Custom Leggings Template Grey $78
Background colors Blck, royal blue, neon green, neon orange, dark brown or flesh tone. This is my favorite pair...I'm gonna have them in my life!Ill Debbie Jumper $120 Quadrocepticon Leggings 3009 $68
Also available in background colors royal blue, dark brown or blck, other colors upon requestDebut of Summer Line Dress
Technicolor Technique $80: mid-Thigh Dress (Arms out)My homey rockin Ruffeo's designs in a performance...YES Strawberry kiss!
"Drop it low- drop it low- drop it low now"
"Break it down-da-down-da-down da-da down"
Jump Jumper 2009 $200
Belt comes in hot pink, bright blue, blck,, grey or goldWater Sport Tank $68Young Coconut 3009 $90 (Front) Back
I'm really feelin his designs but please go check out more Anti-phashun (Ruffeo's terminology) at http// _listing_id=25721776

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