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Relax's tha WEEKEND ! Y'all know y'all get excited for the weekend. You get paid, let your hair down & most importantly... PARTY! Shoot tha BREEZE & remember it's totally O.K to:

...Push your Aviators up onto your head & consider it a hairstyle!
...To make him spend mad money winning you a stuffed bear. (We all have our BRAT-ISH moments!)

...To say No to Frisbee golf, windsurfing, (people actually do those things on vaca's?) or anything that will take you away from your towel, trashy novel & frosty beverage. LYING ON THE BEACH IS AN ACTIVITY!...To press 0 to speak to a live human every single time (Totally guilty of this:), I have questions, THAT NEED ANSWERS!!!!)

...To talk about the weather when all else fails. It's universal: everyone cares.

...To act all candid when someone pulls out a camera.
...To have more pairs of shoes under your desk than in your like ummm, is it o.k to have BOTH, not being a tattle-tale, that is TOTALLY Cam!)

...To think the fireworks were a weee bit excessive this 4th, how many small countries could that have fed? Honestly


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