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Put a Ring On It!

Ladies B said it best, PUT A RING ON IT! I luv Chunky Cocktail Rings they complete every outfit, & DEMAND YOUR EYES in a conversation, when you go into your bag to pull out your stunna shades or leopard print wallet or BBm your BFF on your Blackberry. Cocktail Rings shouldn't be about the bling-but about their, BOLD-factor. Think about jewels & stones in bright deep colors-GO EXOTIC-the more exotic the better. Whatever the occasion, who needs an occasion ROCK A CHUNKY RING!

Gossip Girl Leighton Meester is always right on point, I love her style. Check out her rock!
Work that Aqua, Ms.Conrad! I love the crown detail.
As if the dress isn't showstopping enough, you almost forget about the Chunky Ring:)
I know, Chunky Rings make my heart skip a beat too Angie...I never knew we had so much in common!Hands Down, this Olsen sister is the queen of the Chunky Ring Trend. She rarely completes an outfit without one.


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