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Perfume Do's

I came across this article, (That I had to share with you guys), that instantly brought a faithful reader (& commenter!) to mind... Kelly of *AF*! She was the inspiration for this post & commented on a previous post, on a perfume Don't. Sometimes we spray too much perfume or rub it in on tha wrong places, assuming we smell great...say GOOD-BYE to mind boggling! Here are a few Perfume Do's & Don't's so take note & enjoy! (I would tell y'all what she said but its between Kelly & HGB) Lol

This month's issue of Glamour magazine, interviews Patrick Robinson on Perfume Do's. As Gap's executive vice president of design, he helped to create their scent, Close, known for it's "Fresh" scent. That's all I need to know as far as taking advice on maintaining my smell good is concerned.

Gap's New Fragrance, Close"Do buy a fragrance because it speaks to you-NOT because of the name or because your friends have it."

"Do put on less in the Summer ; hot weather makes perfume smell MORE INTENSE. Spritz the air in front of you once or twice & walk through the mist."

"Do wear a MEN'S FRAGRANCE when the mood strikes. It's sexy, & a great way to feel close to your GUY if your apart for a while."

"Do leave the concocting to perfumers. Mixing two scents together may be tempting, but can be hard to pull off."

"Do have a perfume for special occasions. You'll start to associate the smell with good memories."


1 comment:

Kelly Nina Kiyyah said...

Awwwwwwww... a post with me in mind!!!! How swwwwwwwwwwwweeeeeetttt! :))) *sticks tongue out at other readers* hahahah! anywho... I'm sooooooooo going to Sephora after work to perfume shop! I'm such a serial perfume mixer...*shrugs* Live and learn! Thanks hun!!! ;)

-Kelly of *AF*