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Liar, Liar

Health Myths Uncovered
Have you ever heard the sayings: "Beer Before Liquor Never Sicker", or "If You Shave, the Hair Grows Back Darker & Thicker"...I'm sure you have & wondered to yourself, is this true or not. If you have, read on to uncover the truth behind these Health Lies.

Beer Before Liquor, Never Sicker (Keep this in mind when sampling Thirsty Thursday Drinks!)
The truth is, it's not the order of consumption that affects your potential hangover; it's the amount of booze & how fast you drink it, (take into consideration your body mass, & what amount of intake is enough for your size). There's only one surefire way to avoid feeling sick:
Don't drink too much!
If You Shave, The Hair Grows Back Darker & Thicker
The shaved ends of your hairs are blunt, so they look a lot fatter, researchers have found. Leg hair may appear darker when it first grows in bcuz it hasn't had a chance to be lightened by the sun yet...who knew the Sun lightened your ingrowing hairs.

If Your Thirsty, You're Already Dehydrated
Being that it's Summer & dehydration is very popular during this season sharing the truth about this health myth is very important to me. Your body has a way of telling you what it wants. Thirst is a normal sign of a need for fluids, & you feel it well before it's gone too far. Sure signs your Dehydrated, a headache & sluggishness. Dehydration definitely exists & sometimes we underestimate this happening to us (trust me I know from experience). Remember to Drink Plenty of Water, & Gatorade helps too.

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