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Is It Love...For Me,Yes

Cam recently did a post on cut-off short please flip back in your Rolodex & remember those fashion it, o.k, let's, move forward. I really love the cute & relaxed look of short shorts, & the Confidence it takes to wear'em. Remember like Cam said please no overexposure...NOT CUTE! With that said how about pairing them with Boots? Cam & I have had countless conversations on pairing these two together, personally, I love the union it's kinda BAD, rocker but some would beg to differ with...hmm, confused is it? I've done it, loved it & would do it again. I'm recently guilty of the pleasure of pairing the two. A denim pair of shorts, an over sized neon peach, mesh top, with my cognac mokosins...yum!
Would You Rock This Questionable Trend? Cute, Ms.Whitney Porter

Celebs can't get enough of the pairing, Nicole, Gisele &.........
I love the way she paired the cognac lace-ups with this ensemble. Reminds me of my good ole college days, when admiring fellow fashionista's was another option, opposed to actually paying attention in class! lol


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