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How You Doin?

Wendy Williams' syndicated talk show premiered yesterday on Fox. The Gossip Diva is hilarious. Last night on Jimmy Fallon she taught him how to say "How You Doin?"
Here are the directions:
Step 1: Dim your eyes... in others do a slight squint
Step 2: Spread your lips apart by dropping your lower jaw and pouting your bottom lip
Step 3: Become as nasal as possible and say "How You Doin?"
Did it work? lol
It was hilarious! Surprisingly, Jimmy Fallon actually did a really good job with it too. Today's show will feature Brooke Burke and Jeremih. Her personality and mouth are so big you can't help but to watch and listen to her! Lets not forget about the HAIR! She said she has 12 wigs on rotation for the show. She has a Parent-Teacher conference wig, a cleaning wig, and a grocery store is a lot of hair! But tune in to
the new show and tell us what you think!
10:00am on Fox



Kelly Nina Kiyyah said...

I watched it last night...good laughs! She's crazy, and sooooo outspoken. Thats what makes for good TV thoughh! Go Wendy! :)

-Kelly of *AF*

HerGoodyBag said...

She is too funny! She's a little wreckless with her mouth but its too funny. Sometimes its like you hate to love her lol.