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Angels in the InZone

So VIBE is putting together a final issue that does not include The Dream groping his fiance Christina Milian on the front cover. One feature in the final issue called Angels in the In Zone which features Hotties from the NFL and R&B check out the pics

Eye Candy for everyone! Ladies we get the muscle bulging NFL players and Fellas ya'll get fly R&B chicks. Everyone should be satisfied. Adrienne Bailon has the best shot IMO. I hope the rest of the issues is just as good as the pics. If you couldn't tell from the ladies attire this fall LEATHER, LEATHER, LEATHER!!! I love it!


Kelly Nina Kiyyah said...

Adrienne totally lucked out! 2 guys?!!!!!! I'm jealous! :(

-Kelly of *AF*

HerGoodyBag said...

I like the one with all of the tattoos...yummy :-)