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10 Things You Can Think But Not Say

1. I know it's our first date and this is crazy, but I already know I love you and that we're going to spend the rest of our lives together, so I want to just put that out there and get it said. I hope I'm not scaring you.

2. That was amazing, and for a minute there, you looked a little like Denzel Washington.3. Zorro?! You named your baby Zorro?

4. For better or for worse...wait, how much worse?
5. Didn't I tell you not to marry him, you fool?

6. Face: 10
Brains: 2
7. I am NOT sorry!
And I WAS right!

8. Whew. Another successful regifting.

9. No kidding, that is a stupid question!

10. You may be my boss, but you're not the boss of me.


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