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Vixen Icon?

Buffie Caruth AKA Buffie the Body has a new tell all book "Vixen Icon"
I read this little excerpt from

'Vixen Icon,' by Buffie Carruth, better known as "Buffie the Body," starts out with the author's description of life in high school when her booty was, well, less plenteous."I often got depressed because I wasn't thick,'' Carruth writes. "All my life through school, I've noticed that girls had to be cute and pretty, or you had to be fine as hell with some a-- and hips to be an 'in' girl. Even if you didn't have big breasts, it was cool as long as you had some a--. I didn't have any breasts, no a--, and no hips and that s--- made me feel so insecure. I looked like a damn boy!''Not anymore.
It probably won't be as juicy as SuperHead's book or Carmen (Nas' Baby Mother and Jay-Z's ex-something). There's really nothing that Buffie can say that Ms. Steffans (SuperHead) didn't already so its like do we really care about Buffie (which is her real name) and her life as 1 of 7 children growing up in Athens, Georgia who went to some "Special Doctor" (Dr. X) to get the body she is known for?

I'm going to pass on this one...maybe they'll have SparkNotes on it and I'll read the summary *shrugs*

To read more click the link Black Voices: Vixen Icon


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