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Virginity for Sale...No Fairytale

HISTORY: If you haven't already heard via newspaper, Internet or talk shows, Natalie Dylan (said not to be her real name) was auctioning her virginity, you heard correct, virginity, for 3.8 million...apparently to pay for Grad school. Facilitating the auction was Dennis Hof of Moonlite Bunny Ranch in Las Vegas, Nevada. During the auction period, he was said, to have said, how well it was going, how she was communicating with possible prospects, via e-mails, telephone conversations, & texting, as well as collecting deposits. Barack Obama & Kim Kardashian, just to name a few of her choices, did not place a bid. Appears to be ok with her since she is heterosexual, & just admires her beauty.

PRESENT: A 38 year old, Australian, real estate businessman was however, interetesd, unfortunately he won't be able to participate....HE's MARRIED & HIS WIFE won't let him!!!! In a phone call, delivering the news, he also asked for his money, 3.8 million & deposit of $250,000, back. Dylan says, she has no hard feelings & "Go back to marriage therapy". She's returned the money & the auction is back in session...bright side? (I guess?) she's signed a book deal with the David Black Literacy Agency, "I'm being smart", "I don't want to prematurely end something that's bringing me opportunities".

SERIOUSLY???????????????????Ladies please love yourselves enough to truly value your Goodies....never put a price on it, cuz it's priceless!!! Here she appears on the,Tyra Banks show, (purple shirt) ,with Dennis Hof of the Las Vegas Nevada, Moonlite Bunny Ranch, & his wife, (bald-headed guy & woman with short cut), & a bidder, (old guy next to her,ewww).


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