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Spread My Wings and Fly Away

Beyonce's new video "Broken Hearted Girl"

I love this song. It may be my favorite on the "I Am...." disc. Its definitely in my Top 5 favorite Beyonce songs along with "Flaws and All" and "Dangerously In Love" It puts me in a mood where I reminisce about the good, bad, and ugly. About where I've been and where I never want to be again. What female wants a broken heart? Although it happens to the best of us, no one wants to "play that part." We learn through our experiences and realize that we are WORTH SO MUCH MORE!!! SO FELLAS, treat your lady right, if it doesn't work out fine, but don't break her heart, be mature about the situation and communicate! That always work!


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D. said...

Alright now. Preach the word.