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One Sunday In Brooklyn...

Its Sunday, and while we were walking along Vanderbilt Ave...we had to stop and take a pic not only of ourselves but of other hot tamales!
Boho Chic...Maire wore her maxi dress with a denim vest and fedora, while I paired mine with bold gold accessories and a burgundy clutch
She looked fabulous in one of the pieces that can be purchased at "Pieces of Brooklyn"
We featured her on our blog before...around Memorial Day. She has a totally different look! We walked up to her and asked to take a pic she said oh I think you guys asked me and my for a pic she is in a 1940s style vintage dress with a vintage bike.
I went to JHS with Floyd...he's a blogger also for check it out the blog is pretty dope so support the bloggers!
His t-shirt is fly with all of the great emcees
Didn't catch his name, but he stood out from the crowd also! Check out his blog
Dapper Don
So after the fashion show, we were starving. We got a bite to eat at Bob Law's Sea Food Cafe. The presentation was horrible and so were those canned mixed veggies, but the seafood platter (Fried whiting, catfish, shrimp, and crab cakes) was on POINT!!!
The prices were reasonable also. $12.99 for the platter with one side dish and $2 for the iced tea. So we paid about $15 each for a meal
So was the CORNBREAD! It was the best corn bread I ever had and my family is from the south so I know good cornbread when I taste it. It was moist and full of flavor, unlike that big brick you get from BBQs. If you want a quick bite to eat go to Bob Law's Sea Food Cafe. Oh yeah, get there home made Iced is delicioso.
Bob Law's Seafood Cafe
637 Vanderbilt Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11238


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