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BET Awards 09 Pt.1

Ok where do I begin...I am speechless. The BET awards did a disservice to Michael and his legacy. You are really going to open up the show with busted New Edition? Really, no really? Bobby Brown gained about 400 lbs...smh...I know Michaels death was unexpected, but what BET (Black Entertainment Television) did seemed like they put it together in 20 minutes. I know that it was probably difficult to get certain performers like Usher and Mary, but hopefully they do a real tribute show because this was so unorganized. Here are some pics of the stars from last night
They win the award for best looking couple. They look so cute together

Congrats Ms. Keys
Zoe and Nichelle
Joe Jackson
Chaka you wouldn't need the fan if you were dressed for LA weather in June smh
Can't wait to hear what you have to say on the view Sherry
Tyrese sang well
* Fail* Those leggings that thanks Kerri
He is a was really his show....he had the most Ne-Yo
Stay tuned for more commentary

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