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Summer Time=Radiant Skin

10 Ways to Radiant Skin!

1. Always wash your face!
Cleansing is very important before you go to bed as well as in the morning.
2. Exfoliate your body!
When you exfoliate, you are sloughing off dead skin cells that make your skin look dull and at the same time, you are making way for the fresher skin cells underneath to shine through. Pick a gentle exfoliator with micro-beads that buff away dry, flaky cells to reveal new, more even-looking skin. Exfoliate at least 2 times per week
3. Keep your hands out of your face!
Sometimes it’s hard to resist but don’t pop your pimples, as it can actually push bacteria deeper into the skin and cause more inflammation. Cleanse with a warm wash cloth to open pores and release dirt. Sleep with a spot treatment on to combat blemishes through the night.
4. Always wear SPF!
Rain or shine, your daily facial moisturizer should contain SPF.
5. Get plenty of rest!
You should be getting at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night because a lack of sleep will ultimately show up under your eyes as dark circles or bags.
6. Simplify your routine.
There’s nothing more frustrating than being late to work so why not use as few body products as possible in the morning? If it’s even-toned skin that you desire, try the BLACK OPAL Maximum Strength Fade System. This 3-step system fades dark spots and evens skin tone in as little as 14 days!
7. Moisturize at night.
Applying your creams and serums before bed gives your skin a chance to absorb the products over an extended period of time, uninterupped. This also gives the products you’re using a chance to work to their full potential on your skin without interference by sun, sweat, or close-fitting clothing. You’ll wake in the morning with softer more radiant skin.
8. When in doubt, add some color.
Do you ever feel a little “blah?” I find that most women feel completely renewed with just a little color on their lips and cheeks!
9. Exercise your mind and body.
Physical exercise is a must – activites like jogging or bike riding release endorphins in the brain which boost positive energy and help make you feel happy. It’s also important to exercise mentally. Try to read 2-3 books a month to really “work out” your brain. Reading before bed is a great way to prepare for a good night sleep.
10. Eat your fruits and veggies daily!
Simply put, a daily dose of fruits and vegetables in every color, especially green, does the body good and your skin will thank you for it by displaying a sexy glow! By the way, don't forget to drink lots of water to enhance your skin's sex appeal!

via Pretty Thoughts of a Hot Chick


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