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Spoiled Goodies: Fashion or Clashin?

J Hud's stylist needs to be fired! Why would they do this to her?!?!?!
Harem Pants are not for everyone...look at her looks disgusting
From the neck up she looks great. The raspberry/fuschia-ish top really compliments her skin tone, but those pants... *blank stare*

What do you think?


Kelly Nina Kiyyah said...

LOL! Yeah...these pants are a new trend! I think they work for a more petite/slim frame. Ive seen Ciara and Eva Marcille wear them recently...and it wasnt half bad! J-hud however... *womp womp* from the neck down as you said!

Great blog! Be back soon to read more! :)


HerGoodyBag said...

You are absolutely right! Smaller frames can get away with the Harem pants, but J. Hud just doesn't cut it. They were trying to disguise the baby bump, but they could've at least made it fashionable.

Thanks for the support!