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Fashion or Clashin ?

I'm not really a Madonna fan, but I will give her her props for looking so good at 50. Needless to say, I revoke that compliment with this ensemble. Who pays $8,805 to look this ridiculous? I'm sure Louis Vuitton didn't design each item so she could wear them all together. Come on Madonna you are the "Material" girl you know better than this. Louis Vuitton rabbit-ear headpiece:$350 (you shouldn't wear rabbit-ears pass 5, let alone @ 50)
Louis Vuitton mini dress:$2,696
Louis Vuitton lambskin gloves:$770
Louis Vuitton Monogram Paillettes pocketbook:$1,205
Louis Vuitton thigh high platform leather boots:$3,784
Looking this ridiculous:price less



Kelly Nina Kiyyah said...

This is cleary "not a good look!"...I guess when some stars have $$$$ to burn, they wear this "ridiculousness". smh. Keep the fashion info coming!


HerGoodyBag said...

Thanks for reading & I definately will, stay tuned!