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Ughhhh, Rainy Days

As much as I love Spring because it reminds me summer is around the corner & has comfortable sunny days, it rains too much, I HATE THE RAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It makes me so angry. No, it isn't any one's fault but my own that I don't have my license, but why is public transportation so yucky on these days. It's raining today, rained yesterday, is raining tomorrow, WHY?????????? Yesterday, I took the bus home from work & as if I wasn't upset that it was raining harder & had gotten windier, the bottom of my pants were soaked & the bus smelled really bad. It made me nauseous, I was sick to my stomach & it pissed me off even more. I've tried to appreciate it because it's of God but there's nothing convincing me to enjoy it...I do love sun showers however, I think their beautiful... thanks for listening, I needed to get that off my chest. Ms.Francois

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