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My Letter to Qwanell

Dear Qwanell Mosley,

I just want you to know that you are crazy. You have issues that you need to work out and you are bringing down the entire group. Stop being selfish. It is not about you. If you are under a lot of stress because of financial issues tell your mother to get a job. Why would she quit during a recession? Is she crazy? How much money was she expecting you to make in a group with 4 other members? Does she not know that people steal music now so you are not making anything from album sales. I never wanted you to be in the group anyway...I voted for DeAngelo and Jeremy but Diddy saw something in you. You are going to ruin your life. There is no turning back once you fail in the music business. Tell me what would do after? Nothing especially with those tattoos on your neck and hands. Be smart, be humble, and be appreciative. Realize that you have the opportunity of a life time. Listen to your other group members, especially Big Mike because he never talks. They are older, wiser, and have more experiences. So Qwanell, stop acting like a little baby and get over yourself!

With Love,

A Day 26 minus Qwanell fanatic!

Lol....ok so I just went iinnnnnnnnnnnnnn on this post, but that was a great episode. I felt like I was in the studio! I'm getting ready to go and tweet Diddy lol.

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