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Girl Power Pt. 4: A Rose is Still a Rose

Song: 'Control'
Performer: Janet Jackson
Sheer Lyricism: "Got my own mind. Gonna make my own decisions. When it has to do with my life, I wanna be the one in control"
Song: 'Bust Your Windows'
Performer: Jazmine Sullivan
Sheer Lyricism: "After what I did to you, you deserved it. I ain't sorry, no, no."
Song: 'What's Love Got to Do With it'
Performer: Tina Turner
Sheer Lyricism: "What's love got to do with it? Who needs a heart when a heart can be broken?"
Song: 'Single Ladies' ('Put a Ring on It')
Performer: Beyonce
Sheer Lyricism: "Acting up, drink in my cup. I could care less what you think. I need no permission. Did I mention, don't pay him any attention."

Song: 'A Rose is Still a Rose'
Performer: Aretha Franklin
Sheer Lyricism: "He can lead you and then take you, make you and then break you. Darlin' you hold the power."

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