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Girl Power Pt. 1: I am Every Womans

In honor of Women's History Month, we will showcase some of the greatest songs that liberate women!

Song: Respect'
Performer: Aretha FranklinSheer
Lyricism: "All I'm asking for is a little respect when you get home."Factoid: Though the lyrics in this song intimate that a woman is paying a man for his love and sexual favors, soul crooner Otis Redding wrote and originally recorded the song for his third album 'Otis Blue.'

Song: 'Superwoman'
Performer: Alicia Keys
Sheer Lyricism: "I am superwoman. Yes, I am. Yes, she is. Even when I'm a mess, I still put on a vest with an s on my chest. Oh, yes. I'm a superwoman. Yes, she is."

Song: 'Me, Myself & I'Performer: BeyonceSheer Lyricism: "I got me, myself and I. I know that I will never disappoint myself."

Song: 'I'm Every Woman'
Performer: Chaka Khan/ Whitney Houston
Sheer Lyricism: "Anything you want done, baby, I do it naturally."

List Courtesy of BlackVoices

I remember doing a dance to this song in college! Shout out to ONYX lol


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