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Beauty Bubble

Nail Brightener
If your enamel has turned dull & dingy this winter or your nails are just a lttle darker than you'd like, buff nails with a dab of whitening toothpaste to freshen it up.

Lash Out
Glue a cluster of fake lashes at the outer corners for an extra-wide-eyed effect.

Make Your Manicure Dry Faster
Salon manicure's can take up to thirty mins to fully dry because of the thick coats applied...way to fix that, by choosing a pale shade, like baby pink, rather than a dark hue that takes longer to dry.
I don't think this would work for me especially in the winter because I like dark colors in the Winter & light brights in the Spring & Summer. I never wait for my nails to dry anyway, I don't have the patience, baby pink anyway, ughhh, try hot pink!


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